Overland Vehicles

Our Vehicles

We make use of appropriet vehicles for the desired excursion these vehicles are fully stocked before every tour. Jam packed with everything from tents and chairs to bats and balls, the vehicle is made ready for epic adventure.

Roadworthy of vehicles:

  • All vehicles traveling with Camping Adventures Africa will be roadworthy and in a good reliable condition. This include the Self-Drive vehicles. If there is any doudt that a vehcile is not suited for the journey the Camping Adventures Africa guide will advise you accordingly.
  • All Camping Adventures Africa vehicles for Tag-Along is in the best possible condition to ensure a safe journey, Camping Adventures Africa always send 2 or more vehicles with on any excursion to assist in recoveries should it be needed.
  • Canvas camping chairs to set up around the fireside where you can regale your tour stories of the day gone by.
  • We provide trestle tables and table cloths for you to enjoy your dinner around in the evening.
  • 2.5 x 2.5 meter canvas tents. These tents are custom made from the finest quality canvas available on the market as they have to withstand being erected daily. As you can imagine, while you are camping, you are sometimes exposed to wind and rain. If you do not enjoy getting wet, please be very sure to check the seasons that you are travelling in and perhaps consider amending your travel date or opt for an accommodated tour option (the Garden Route in Winter). While canvas tents are highly water resistant, when they get packed up wet, they generally tend to stay wet for a while. In the majority of cases you will have the option to upgrade to accommodation on tour if you feel that you'd prefer to be 100% dry all the time.
  • Foam mattresses will keep you comfortable at night when you're getting your well deserved beauty sleep.
  • Kettles, pots, pans, crockery, cutlery and everything including the kitchen sink! We also carry gas burners to prepare our meals as well as braai / bbq equipment for the fire.
  • There are a selection of bats and balls, Frisbees and other toys to keep you entertained.
  • We also carry all safety equipment for example first aid kits, fire extinguishers, 75 litre water tank for emergencies and tyre changing equipment.


We are extremely passionate about our vehicles! They are amongst the finest in Africa. We do use sponsored Off-Road vehicles from time to time when requested by automotive dealers, this then act as advertisement of the specific vehicle.