before you book

Pre and Post Accommodation

When starting or ending your tour, we always advise that you arrive the day before your tour is set to depart and leave the day after your tour ends. The reason for this is two fold:

Have a completely stress free time knowing that your tour or your flight is not going to leave without you as you have catered for every eventuality and are completely organized by the time you set off on your African Adventure. We often have guests wanting to fly out on the evening that their tour ends and we discourage this as far as possible as it put unnecessary pressure on the entire group and that is the last thing that anyone wants at the end of a wonderful time on tour.

If everyone books into the pre and post tour accommodation, lookout for your travel buddies and try to get to know them before you set off on your tour. Or, if it's at the end of your tour, what a perfect way to end a tour – get together for a final drink, a bite and a laugh and rehash all of the amazing memories that you have to take home with you.

Let us know at the time of booking whether you'd like to take advantage of this offer – it really is just a booking service that we're very happy to offer you.

Camping Adeventures Africa travel in vehicles suited for the area we will visit, this means that at times you might not have an air-cool vehicle, or travel at high speed, but to say this is Africa and you want to explore the beauty and diversity of this beautiful continent.

Our small group tours have a maximum of 8 guests on board suited vehicles which means that there might be time that you will get the real Africa experience by being squeezed in and sometime you will travel in great luxury.

As we have been running these exact routes personally for years, Camping Adventures Africa can assure you of a quality product that represents the best these areas have to offer and excellent value for money, a cornerstone of all Camping Adventures Africa's products.

Africa is alive and waiting for you to discover her magic so come and explore with us. Forever changing, shifting and reinventing herself, Africa continues to inspire, impress and amaze travellers. If you dream of having an authentic African adventure, a Camping Adventure Africa Tag-Along or Self-Drive tour is one of the best ways to achieve it. We organise and plan everything for you, leaving you free to relax and really enjoy your African experience.

All Camping Adventure Africa's adventures are 'off the beaten track' and the emphasis is on the journey, as well as the destination. Unexpected events are part of the package and often add to your real-Africa experience

Almost anyone can go on an adventure tour these days. In the past, the groups tended to be very young as the majority of travellers to Africa were backpackers. As Africa has become a progressively more mainstream destination (i.e. Africa today is far more accessible than 15 years ago) our guests have also changed. Use this opportunity to slip out of your comfort zone and learn about the people on your tour with you – there are so few opportunities in life that we have to do this, take advantage of it!

The average age of our campers is approximately 20 – 45 and our accommodated guests is more variable between 35 – 60 years of age. However, these indications are very general as each and every tour is different and campers and accommodated guests travel together. When the University semesters end we do get younger travellers making up the majority of certain tours. Outside of traditional holiday periods the age groups can be very diverse. Part of experiencing the tour is about meeting new people and what we can confirm is that 99% of our travellers find that they get along very well. This is because the people that book an adventure holiday in Africa have similar values and interests.

We have a large range of nationalitiesin our tour vehicles about 50% of our travellers come from English speaking countries and the other 50% come from Europe and Asia. Although there are often couples and groups of friends who have booked together, many travellers are single and the male / female ratio generally evens out. The nature of an adventure tour tends to attract a certain age group, and experience has shown us that our adventure tours are best suited for the majority of travellers between the 18 to 60 age bracket. East Africa tours require a hardier and more intrepid attitude to touring and is suited to a younger traveller and if you are planning on participate in the high adventure activities you will need to have a higher level of fitness.

We do however accept people older than 60 years on trips because we believe it's about being willing and able to join in. Suitability for our trips is not just about fitness, it's about being able to take the rough with the smooth – whether you're up to your elbows in mud rescuing your sinking vehicle, climbing the nearest tree in an attempt to escape from charging buffaloes or searching for the only bush in the desert to squat behind – keep an open mind and remember that this is all part of being on an adventure in Africa!

Children between the ages of 16 – 18 are welcome to travel with us and must be accompanied by an adult. Children between the ages of 8 – 16 years old are welcome to travel with us on a request basis. We put this request out to the other guests on tour and everyone has 48 hours to respond. If there is no response or a positive response, the kids are welcome to travel. If however there is a negative response, we will have to find an alternative tour or departure date. On some tours there are age limits on activities for example Mokoro trips in the Delta and gorilla trekking in Uganda.

When requesting that a child joins a tour, please ensure that you provide us with as much information as possible about the suitability of the child for the tour. This will vastly improve the chances of the child being accepted by the other guests on the tour.

Our accommodated tours are here to fill the gap between a camping experience and an expensive lodge-tour while our camping tours allow you to have a truly African experience. On all of our tours (excluding the Cape Town to Victoria Falls, sections of this tour and opposite direction) we have both camping and accommodated guests travelling together. Other than the tent that you pitch or the bed that you sleep in, everything else about these tours is exactly the same. All meals are prepared together, you have the same guides and the travel times are all the same so that literally is the only decision that you have to make – a bed or a tent.

Camping gives you the freedom to build your own little home every evening. We provide you with heavy duty canvas dome tents which are standing height (unless you're over 6 foot) and approximately 2.5 x 2.5m across the base. On a camping tour, you need to provide your own pillow, sleeping bag and towel. The tents are easy to put up and have flexible self-supporting poles and there are no unnecessary pegs to fight with. There is a fly-sheet provided for rainy weather and a built-in mosquito net which should be kept closed at all times. Please make sure that you pay attention when the guides explain the correct way of putting up and taking down your tent as the incorrect use can cause problems with the tent. We also provide everyone with a sleeping mattress.

Camping is more affordable and you don't have to rely on anyone for anything – only on the heavens when you ask them very kindly not to open up on your tent! If you choose the camping option, when the tour gets to a major city, we will put you up in twin accommodation so that you can have the comfort of a bed for the evening. At most places we visit, there is the opportunity to upgrade to accommodation if you'd like, but it is subject to availability. Please be sure to check the seasonal weather conditions when booking your camping tour as we can't be responsible for mother nature (tents that get put up and taken down in the rain have a bad habit of being wet). The tents handle a fair amount of rain but if there is a consistent downpour, the likelihood is that you will get wet.

Most of the camp sites we visit have good toilet and shower facilities, but hot water is sometimes a luxury. Fortunately, most places we visit on tour are warm! Some places that we visit are bush camps where there are no facilities (for example, the Okavango Delta).

On Accommodated tours, we have done all that we can to keep our fantastic low prices on these tours so the accommodation is not luxury but you can expect 2 – 4 star twin / double accommodation and the majority of it is en-suite. In some places, we also make use of permanent safari tents which are considered "accommodation". We have selected accommodation that is in keeping with the areas we visit so there is a good variety. It is important to note that general accommodation standards are higher in Southern Africa than they are in East Africa. Please bring along your own towel as these are not always provided. The truck will remain in the area where the campers are and one of the guides will take you over to your accommodation – so please remember to pack light!

On camping tours, single supplements are optional however on accommodated tours, single supplements are compulsory if you are travelling on your own.

Although we intend to stick to the published itineraries it is critical to understand that the routing can and does change from time to time. Africa is unpredictable and many variables may require changes to the itinerary, this cannot be stressed enough. If we are forced to make a change to a tour we will ensure that we still provide what we specified in our brochure. If we can no longer provide what is published in the brochure we will provide a comparable experience of the same value. We will of course inform you as soon as we can about any changes.